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    This is a Marvel multi-verse roleplay centered on several worlds colliding with that of the MCU. SHIELD made the mistake of tampering with alien forces better left alone, and now several different kinds of worlds have emptied several of their citizens into the base world of the MCU. HYDRA has made their move, tearing SHIELD down from the inside out, trapping our otherworldly visitors and causing general destruction in their wake... There is chaos. What part will you play?
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    Our player spotlight for the month of October is Kardia. He's been one of those guys that just jumps straight into plots and isn't shy about letting you know when he wants those plots. Whether it be plotting, posting, or just hanging out with people in the cbox, he's a great guy to talk to and have fun with. Congrats Kardia!
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    skin & mini profile by lauz @ shine. custom forum structure by black @ code. slider code by ring wang @ codrops. All Together Now and its content belongs to Fyre and the ATN community. All content by members is protected under Creative Commons usage. Do not plagiarize, copy or recreate our ideas, graphics or coding. Site Graphics by Fyre. Original image by Marvel Studios.
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skin & mini profile by lauz @ shine.
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